5 Promo Products to Make Your Office Safer for Employees

  • Jun 30, 2024

As business’ doors open back up and employees step into the office, it’s essential to make sure they feel safe and comfortable as the return to their desks. Whether you own a business that has 3 employees or 300 employees, safety should be the number one priority. Here are 5 of our favorite products to keep your office sanitized and give your workers peace of mind.


Sanitary Wipes

Give your employees a package of disinfectant wipes with the brand’s logo on top of the packaging. As we all know, wipes are a hot commodity and hard to find in grocery stores or the neighborhood Target. By placing a package of wipes on everyone’s desk, they will be thankful to have something to disinfect their space and keep those nasty germs from contaminating surfaces.


Social Distancing Stickers

“Please Stay Six-Feet Apart.” It’s the phrase we all see plastered on restaurant walls and hotel lobby floors. Even though that message is engrained in our minds, for the most part, it’s also a good reminder to have in your office’s common areas. These floor stickers can be placed all around the building. Change up the messaging or even add arrows in busy spaces, like reception areas, so employees and visitors understand the traffic flow and how to maintain a safe distance from each other.


Sneeze Guards

*ACHOO!* We all dread someone sneezing and power walk (or run) in the other direction when we hear that alarming sound. Plexiglass sneeze guards are a perfect addition to the office decor; guarding employees against dangerous germs. Install them in between cubicles or at your receptionist’s desk. That way, you feel at ease knowing you are doing everything possible to protect your employees.


Touchless Key

Encourage healthy habits and help your employees avoid touching dirty surfaces with these touchless keys, the perfect device to open doors and press elevator buttons. This touch-free tool comes with a key ring attachment so your employees can clip them onto their lanyards and carry them around all day long.


Hand Sanitizing Stations

Your employees will thank you when you install hand sanitizing stations throughout the office. Not only are they touchless, so you just wave your hand underneath, but these stations are cost-effective and simple to install. Show everyone that you are taking steps in the right direction when combatting this virus.  


Are your employees back in the office? We’ve got other office safety products that will keep them safe and comfortable. Reach out to us today!

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